An Idiot’s Guide To The 2020 Democratic Candidates: Part 2

Since our last post there have been even more candidates who have entered the fray! Here are the next seven contenders for the Democratic nomination. A lot of political analysts — and the public — have started to worry that the increased number of candidates will have a detrimental impact when one eventually tries to topple Trump from his very high horse. Is there a standout candidate yet? We’re not so sure, but let’s start with the leader of the pack. 

  1. Joe Biden. There’s not much to say about this guy that you don’t already know. He was our vice president for eight years, and he has a penchant for saying what’s on his mind. Interestingly, he continues to make political gaffe after political gaffe in even the short time since announcing his campaign — and yet no one seems to care. If anything voters are even more in support of the guy, who is really starting to show his age.

  2. Steve Bullock. This Montana governor thinks he has what it takes to beat Trump, even asserting that he can beat the incumbent president on his own turf. He’s been in the running for about a month, and so far he’s based much of his campaign on fighting against corruption and his ability to bring both sides of the aisle together.

  3. Michael Bennet. This Colorado senator thinks America’s political system isn’t just on the brink of disaster — it is a disaster. And he wants to be the one to save it. He’s running to expand voting rights (the opposite of what Republican voters seem to want to do) and reduce the money kicked into politics. Bennet thinks it’s time for lobbying for special interests groups to stop.

  4. Bill de Blasio. One of the least popular contenders for the Democratic nomination doesn’t seem to care how many people don’t want him in the running at all, because he’s moving forward anyway. The New York City mayor wants to “take on the wealthy” and “big corporations.”

  5. Pete Buttigieg. This openly gay (and married) candidate has probably received the biggest gift of notoriety during his campaign, but he recently hit an obstacle when there was an officer-involved shooting of an African American man back in South Bend, Indiana, where Buttigieg serves as mayor. It could be argued that there was no getting it right with black voters (or anyone else), but it seems like literally everyone is after him for stumbling after the tragedy occurred.
  6. Kirsten Gillibrand. She was a senator from New York, and one of several women currently in the running for the Democratic nomination. Like most candidates, she sees a broken Union in need of repairing. She believes in health care as a right. She believes in better public education. And she believes in the American dream, and wants to fight to see it restored.
  7. Mike Gravel. This former Alaska senator is a shocking 89 years old, but was convinced to run when a couple 18-year-olds hijacked his Twitter account to verbally abuse other candidates. He was also a former (failed) candidate in the 2008 election. He wants to cut military spending by at least half, and wants to fight for the dissolution of the Senate and the Electoral College (woah).