Will Trump Impeachment Help Him Get Reelected?

There’s a reason why Nancy Pelosi was so reluctant to impeach Donald Trump for so long. She knows that when Republicans launched the same attack on former president Bill Clinton, it hurt them in the next round of elections. She doesn’t want impeachment to have the same end for Trump and his Republican cronies that it did for the Democrats when Clinton was impeached. Trump, after all, thrives the most when he is enveloped in chaos. 

That’s why impeachment might just help him get reelected in 2020.

There’s also a more critical matter to consider: all the news surrounding inevitable impeachment is stealing time away from the Democratic candidates for 2020, who haven’t been seen or heard from since the whole Ukraine situation exploded — even though they’re still on the campaign trail, fighting hard for their chance at the highest office in the world.

If the impeachment inquiry were to drag on, this trend would likely continue. That’s why it’s in Pelosi’s best interest to end it as quickly as possible. And that seems to be her gambit, which is why the White House is doing its best to run interference and stall for as long as possible. The fiasco emboldens Trump supporters and mutes everyone else’s. 

There’s also the reality that impeachment will likely end up going nowhere. Mitch McConnell has no choice but to move forward with a “trial” if Trump is impeached, but he also gets to decide how long the trial takes. He’ll probably hurry it along, but he could also delay or spread out proceedings to interfere with Democratic campaigns. 

Then there’s another possibility: the Senate might actually remove Trump from office, even though they seem to be in complete support. The loudest Republican voices have already turned on him for abandoning the Kurds to a potential invasion by Turkey. For a party that has continually defended him no matter what, this is a huge change of pace. It’s not like this is the first egregious decision Trump has made while in office. It’s only the most recent, and the cacophony of voices deriding his choice is loud and clear.

Add that to the fact that Republicans voted alongside Democrats in the Senate to pass a non-binding measure saying that Trump should release the whistleblower complaint and call transcript (he subsequently did), and something funny seems to be happening in Congress.

If all that weren’t enough, former Trump executive Barbara Res said she believes he will resign to save face before properly impeached. We know he doesn’t want the stain on his presidency, and we know he’s always out for himself. Leaving office would catapult Pence into the spotlight for reelection prospects, and while we know how Trump’s base feels about Trump — we have no idea if that excitement extends to the vice president.

Democrats might have an easier path to the presidency in 2020 than anyone expects.

What Are The 2020 Democratic Candidates Doing About Man-Made Climate Change?

Joe Biden remains one of the top contenders to attain the highest office in the world, but from an environmental point of view he might be one of the least ambitious. While he does plan to reduce emissions to zero by 2050, and that sounds good, the science says that we don’t have nearly that much time to make it happen. 2030 might not be politically realistic, but as Washington Governor Jay Inslee said to Biden: “Survival is realistic.”

Inslee is the candidate with the most explosive plan for battling man-made climate change. Other top-tier candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have offered their own, but they aren’t nearly as detailed as Inslee’s. His entire campaign is about this one issue, because he (rightfully) believes it’s the most important obstacle humanity has ever faced.

Speaking to Biden at one of the Democratic debates, he said: “These deadlines are set by science. The science says we have to get off coal in ten years. Your plan does not do that. We have to get off of fossil fuels from our electric grid in fifteen. Your plan simply does not do that.”

Biden’s plan really does provide people with something to chew on: his policy idea to double the number of offshore turbines is a good one until you find out that the United States only has one working — and doubling the number to two won’t do us much good. His idea to make sure we have 500,000 charging stations for electric cars sounds great until you find out that the U.S. has nearly 300 million gas guzzling vehicles on the road — and a half-million charging stations won’t really make a dent.

Inslee’s ideas are far more concrete, and far more based on what we can actually achieve — even though they sound far-fetched. Perhaps the most controversial idea he has is actually killing the Senate filibuster so Democrats have a better chance of implementing new policies in the future.

What other policy proposals are found within Inslee’s plan? First and foremost, he wants to bring back and then invigorate the environmental protections dismantled by the Trump Administration. He would build a stronger EPA. He would go after corporations for the damage they’ve done to our fragile environment. He would hold people who pollute accountable for their actions. Fracking, fossil fuel subsidies, coal and oil: they would all become stories of a terrible past.

He plans to make all new vehicles and buildings 100 percent net zero-emission by 2030. All electricity would be made carbon-neutral within the same time period.

Are these dreams big and bold? Yes. But they’re what we need right now. Any less, and our world may not make it through the century.

An Idiot’s Guide To The 2020 Democratic Candidates: Part 1

There are currently over 20 Democrats who are confirmed to be running for President against incumbent President Trump in the upcoming 2020 election. The problem is most of them are in favor of the same things – universal healthcare, combatting climate change, fixing inequality, as well as helping the middle class of America. So, let’s go through these, one by one, and see if we can find a standout amongst a crowded sea of people. Here are the candidates in order of their announcement:

John Delaney – former congressman of Maryland who was the first to go to college in his family. He has blue-collar roots and has visited every county in Iowa hoping to get a good start in the primaries. He has been in politics for 6 years and is independently wealthy and funding himself.

Andrew Yang – In politics for less than a year, son of Taiwanese immigrants, his experience is in the world of technology. He is a huge promoter of Universal Basic Income which the idea of giving every American over the age of 18 a $1,000 monthly check. He is being funded by individuals and using some of his own money.

Julian Castro – Former U.S. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development under President Obama, he has been involved in politics for 18 years. He is also the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas. He has vowed not to take any money from a Political Action Committee. He has not mentioned much about his platform other than that he supports free trade.

Kamala Harris – Her 16-year political career started as a prosecutor, district attorney, attorney general, and U.S. Senate seat. Her goal is to overturn Trump’s 2017 Tax cuts with her LIFT Act. Her financers include WarnerMedia, Google’s parent company Alphabet, University of California, and 21st Century Fox.

Cory Booker – Former Mayor of Newark, NJ, his plan of action includes a “baby bond” (a bond given to every child at birth) and a $15 minimum wage. He has a super PAC that is comprised of many contributors in the legal, investment, security and real estate sectors.

Tulsi Gabbard – The first Hindu member of Congress has been in politics for 17 years. She wants to cut taxes from small business and raise them on larger corporations. As a former soldier in the Iraq war, she also wants to reduce military spending. Her contributions come from individuals but she did receive a large donation from the National Automobile Dealer’s Association’s PAC.

Elizabeth Warren – Massachusettes U.S. Senator and former Harvard Law professor has been in politics for 10 years. She proposed a wealth tax on net worth over a certain threshold. She’s vowed to take no money from any billionaires or their PAC’s in the 2020 race.

Amy Klobuchar – The first woman to be elected a senator in Minnesota, her standout political moment was during the questioning of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She has 12 years in politics and is focusing on helping small and mid-sized domestic businesses succeed worldwide.

Bernie Sanders – For 38 years, Sanders, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist, has been the longest sitting Independent congressperson. He wants tax incomes over a certain threshold to help make college tuition-free and increase Social Security benefits. A majority of Bernie Sander’s funding comes from individual donors in increments less than $200.

Stay Tuned For Part 2

What You Need To Know From The Michael Cohen Hearing

Yesterday, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, testified publically in front of the House Oversight Committee. Cohen, who once claimed that he’d take a bullet for President Trump, has turned against the President, calling him a “racist” and “conman.” While House Democrats salivated at anything could cause them to impeach Trump, House Republicans attacked Cohen’s character, reminding us that he has lied to Congress before.

What Did Michael Cohen Accuse Trump Of Doing?

Cohen accused Trump of telling him to commit campaign finance fraud to pay hush money to women who had affairs with Trump. Cohen plead guilty of this crime last year, saying he was ordered at the behest of Individual 1, later to be identified as President Trump. The accusation could be the undermining of Trump as this is in direct violation of campaign finance laws and could be the legal loophole that Democrats were seeking.

Cohen accused Trump of speaking with Roger Stone regarding the email leak of Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. Cohen alleges that Roger Stone spoke with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and told Trump about this meeting.

Cohen also accuses Donald Trump Jr. of warning his father about a Trump Tower meeting in 2016, where a Russian lawyer promised damaging information on Hilary Clinton.

Diving Deeper Into Trump’s Finances

Since Donald Trump entered his hat into the ring to run for Presidency, Democrats have asked for him to release his tax returns. Many accuse Trump of not being worth as much as he claims.

Cohen during his testimony provided financial statements from 2011 and 2013 that suggested that Trump inflates his income when needed but also deflates his income for tax purposes. Many House Democrats plan on using this as the “Ways and Means” to get a subpoena to finally get a hold of Trump’s financial records and tax returns.

No Russian Collusion

In what surprised many, including President Trump, Cohen testified that he had never been to Prague or the Czech Republic. A British intelligence report claimed that Cohen had traveled to Prague in the summer of 2016 to coordinate with Russians so Trump could win the election.

Cohen also said that Trump had praised President Vladamir Putin but had no evidence of collusion. Cohen could not elaborate anymore because Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is still on-going. Cohen has been cooperating with the special counsel and will head to federal prison on May 6th. For more information, you can visit website here. You can also watch the full testimony here:

New Abortion Laws Passed In 2018

It probably seems like every vote is important to abortion rights and freedoms, but the 2018 midterm elections were especially crucial. A number of new laws were passed (or even passed again), and Planned Parenthood once again has a tough road ahead. If you weren’t watching, there were important decisions made in Ohio, Alabama, West Virginia, and Oregon. Here’s everything you need to know.

Ohio’s House of Representatives passed a controversial “heartbeat” bill that would criminalize abortions performed if a fetal heartbeat was present at the time. This is particularly threatening to doctors who perform the operations. Ultrasounds are capable of detecting a heartbeat by week six. This early into a pregnancy, many women don’t even realize they’re pregnant. Adding insult to injury, the state does not recognize cases of rape or incest as a legal reason to perform an abortion after this timeframe has elapsed.

There is only one exception to the new law: when a woman’s life could be saved by the operation.

An earlier Ohio bill prevented abortions after 20 weeks had elapsed.

Alabama passed Amendment two with 61 percent approval. Under the new provision, the state would no longer be required to help fund abortion or protect a parent’s right to an abortion. The justification was made on the grounds of protecting the “sanctity” of the unborn life.

West Virginia passed Amendment one with only 52 percent approval, which essentially declares the same. No funding, and no right to abortion under state law.

Meanwhile, residents of Oregon destroyed Measure 106 with 63 percent opposition. The bill would have meant that abortion funding could only be provided when federally mandated or medically relevant.

The heartbeat provision of Ohio’s law in particular represents a threat to Roe v. Wade. The net result of the election at the federal level is a pro-life majority which means even more opposition in the future, because pro-life conservative representatives and senators will no doubt continue to confirm pro-life judges. This means the number of pro-life or anti-abortion federal laws in the future.

Then again, Planned Parenthood seemed satisfied with the election results, because it means a pro-choice majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. No doubt the eternal struggle will continue.

Saudi Diplomat Brutally Murdered, But President Trump Unwilling To Act

Earlier this month a Saudi journalist by the name of Jamal Khashoggi disappeared. His abduction, torture, murder and dismemberment have all been alluded too but not been confirmed, but President Trump doesn’t seem to think the situation takes any precedence–especially when he has an important arms deal hanging in the balance. Any unfortunate spike in the political volatility in Saudi Arabia comes at an inopportune time.

Jamal Khashoggi is a U.S. resident, and his brutal murder has created an uproar and a call for retaliation. Khashoggi disappeared while on a visit to the Saudi consulate. Many have noted that he often protested Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince. Was Khashoggi the victim of a hit squad?

Turkey is currently investigating the crime. According to officials working on the case, Khashoggi was likely murdered in the consulate. After, his body was dismembered and transported elsewhere. The Turks currently hold a smoking-gun audio file which proves that Khashoggi was killed on-site. Alongside Saudi investigators, they searched the consulate in the hopes of discovering additional evidence.

Saudi Arabia is reportedly ready to acknowledge the death of Khashoggi as a result of a botched interrogation, although other sources say that there was never any interrogation at all, and that Khashoggi was specifically targeted by a hit squad. Mr. Trump has theories of his own, including that Khashoggi may have been the victim of a merry band of rogue killers and not the crown prince, suggesting that King Salman denied knowing anything about the attack.

Still, Trump also said that Saudi Arabia would be punished if the allegations are proved. He also made a comment about how tired he is of the “guilty until proven innocent” rhetoric. He sent the Secretary of State to meet with King Salman, while the king sent a public prosecutor in Saudi Arabia for internal investigation.

Angry democrats believe that it’s time disrupt relations with the kingdom, but Trump isn’t having it. The arms deal is worth about $110 billion, and he doesn’t want to risk something of that magnitude without all the facts.

It seems there will be a battle in Congress over whether or not to dismantle the deal, and it will be some time before we know which side wins.

Paul Manafort and His Non-Collusion Collusion Trial

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has been hard at work for the last 18 months investigating charges that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to impact the 2016 election results.

While indictments were handed out to about 20 Russian citizens, American Paul Manafort is facing trial after he served as chairman of Trump’s presidential campaign. It was possible that Manafort may be the smoking gun that anti-Trump people have been seeking in this whole collusion mess.

But why is Manafort and collusion not being mentioned in the same breath during his trial?

Maybe the smoke wasn’t coming from Manafort at all.

Manafort, who has a known history of working with people affiliated with the Russian mob, has been on trial in New York on charges of wire fraud, bank fraud and tax evasion – though none of it seems to tie directly to the investigation into Russia collusion with the Trump campaign.

How do we know this? Mueller is not prosecuting this case himself, as the case fell outside of his jurisdiction. He forwarded the case the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York, which is prosecuting the case.

Trump and collusion have not been part of the trial involving Manafort. The main issues in the trial are the genesis of millions of dollars in Manfort’s foreign accounts based on some of his political consulting and lobbying work over the years. Prosecutors were especially interested in his work from 2010 to 2015 when he had racked up about $65 million in foreign bank accounts, and they allege that he lied on applications in order to secure about $20 million in loans from banks to finance some of his efforts, especially in Ukraine, which eventually ended in 2015 right around the time that Manafort joined Trump’s fledgling presidential campaign.

The latest word from the trial came Friday, August 17, when Manfort judge T.S. Ellis revealed that he had been threatened during the trial, find the safety of those involved said he would not release the names of the jurors. Ellis has said he will have U.S. marshal protection with him everywhere for the duration of the trial if not beyond – depending on the results of the jury deliberations on the 18 counts.

Meanwhile, with this case getting headlines solely because of Manfort’s prominent relationship with Trump and his previous connections to Russia, the actual collusion investigation has reportedly not led Mueller any closer to linking Trump with the Russians, and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has asked Mueller to wrap up his case by the end of August of “we will come down on him like a ton of bricks.”

Sounds a little like a mob threat, eh?

Top 5 Democratic Primaries Candidates

Top Democratic Primaries Candidates

Democratic PartyEvery time we get within two years of a presidential election, political debates begin to arise, celebrities and public figures speak out for or against current policies, and politicians from various states come to the forefront of the public eye. Part of the election process is selecting who will represent each party in the next presidential election. The Republican party currently holds the presidential office. President Donald Trump will most likely run for a second term and represent the party. If the Democrats want to take the office, it is imperative that they begin campaigning sooner rather than later. Towards the end of 2017, the Washington Post put together a list of the top Democratic candidates for primaries. Some are familiar politicians, others are less well known, and some are known for their celebrity status. As we witnessed in the previous election, anyone who claims they are going to run should be taken seriously.

Who are the Top Candidates?

The top candidates to win the Democratic primaries are from all over the country. Some are active politicians, others are hinting at a comeback, and one is very familiar with the White House. According to the Washington Post, the top candidates are:

  1. Bernie Sanders – Vermont Senator

Bernie Sanders is a name that has been thrown around in previous presidential elections. Although, each time he has fallen short of becoming the Democratic nominee. The 2020 election might be his best chance of reaching the coveted oval office. He has the experience on his side and has gone through this process before. We will see if he is able to learn from previous mistakes and lead the Dems to the promise land.

  1. Joe Biden – Former Vice President

Joe Biden is an interesting candidate. Biden served under the Obama administration as the Vice President. His actions and charismatic personality took the nation by storm. Unfortunately for Vice President Biden, his handling of past sexual harassment cases, like Clarence Thomas, may come back to haunt him.

  1. Elizabeth Warren – Massachusetts Senator

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren comes in at the number three spot. Elizabeth Warren has shown little inclination to run and it is unlikely that she will run if Bernie Sanders does. However, if she decides to run, she may take the Democratic nomination.

  1. Kirsten Gillibrand – New York Senator

Kirsten Gillibrand became a household name after she called for President Trump’s resignation amidst sexual misconduct allegations. Since the allegations have subsided, but Kirsten has kept herself relevant. She has expressed interest in running for the presidential office. We will see if it comes to fruition over the next year.

  1. Kamala D. Harris – California Senator

Kamala was able to place herself in the democratic primary conversation when she spoke out in support of single-payer healthcare. Like Gillibrand, Harris called for Trump’s resignation amidst sexual misconduct allegations. Harris appears to be vocalizing her opinions on political matters, setting herself up for a primary nomination.

Other Names you May Recognize

In late December 2017, the Washington Post put together a list of the top 15 candidates for the Democratic nomination. Of course, there will be claims made by a ton of public figures if they are unhappy with the current administration, which many are not. Some of the names worth mentioning are:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Public Figure

Superstar wrestler turned actor has voiced his concerns with the current administration. He has been outspoken about his ambitions to run for office in 2020, but nothing much has come fo it.

Howard Schultz – Former Starbuck CEO

Although Schultz has not officially stated that he is interested in being considered as a candidate for the 2020 presidential campaign, he certainly has not held back from expressing his political beliefs. He has shared his visions for the future of America across many platforms. As the election nears, we will see if he is serious about running.

Oprah Winfrey – Public Figure

Oprah might be the most influential individual on this list. Her following is extensive and diverse. Further, her potential campaign budget will be unmatched. Oprah has been outspoken about her political beliefs. The former talk show host has compiled an abundance of awards and achievements for her philanthropic contributions to society. She is also an excellent communicator and would make for an interesting candidate.

Andrew M. Cuomo – New York Governor

Cuomo holds the second highest ranking office on this list, but he comes in at 10 and is currently the lower ranked candidate out of the New York State government. Cuomo has taken heat after mishandling sexual harassment allegations against his former senior aide.

What To Expect From Trump’s 2018 State of The Union Address

Tonight marks the first official State of The Union Address under Trump’s presidency. The speech will air on every major TV network and begins at 9 pm EST. Although there is no time limit on how long the speech can be, it is expected to go for almost an hour. For those who do not have cable or television, the State of The Union will stream online on CSPAN, Facebook, and YouTube.

The Obama administration usually provided the public with a list of policy proposals before the big speech in order for the public could have a better understanding of what was being discussed. However, the current administration has been ironically quiet and selective about what will be in tonight’s speech. Here’s what we have been told beforehand: the theme of tonight’s address is “building a safe, strong, and proud America” and will cover 5 topics: jobs and the economy, infrastructure, immigration, trade and national security.

And with a controversial first year, people are for the most part interested in what the President has to say but also interested in the fanfare that surrounds his presidency. Despite the rumors that President Trump was having an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels while she was pregnant, Melania is expected to make an appearance on Tuesday. However, members of Congress are invited to bring guests and many are rumored to be bringing those who are vehemently opposed to Trump’s administration including those who are members of DACA, transgendered troops and immigrants from “shithole” countries.

Approximately 11 Democratic party members will not be in attendance which is fewer than the 60 that boycotted the President’s inauguration last year. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will also not be in attendance. This might not seem unusual as many Supreme Court Justices do not attend the State Of The Union but she attended all of Obama’s State Of The Unions.

And even when Trump is finished, the drama does not end there. Joe Kennedy will deliver the Democratic Response, Bernie Sanders will deliver his own response, Elizabeth Guzman will deliver the Spanish response, Donna Edwards will comment on behalf of working families and Maxine Waters (who is one of the democratic leaders boycotting the event) will respond via BET.

Say what you want about Trump, the fact of the matter is no one has ever been this excited about politics!

Politicization Of The Emmys

The Emmys are a well-recognized and appreciated awards show to celebrate prime time television.

It brings together some of the most prominent personalities and talents from around the nation. However, this doesn’t mean the Emmys are devoid of controversy, and everything is as merry as it appears on stage.

The politicization of the Emmys has long been mentioned as a point of concern.

The awards were going to shows that had a political twist to their content. This theme started to become apparent as the likes of Saturday Night LIve (Donald Trump skits), The Handmaid’s Tale, and others began to sweep away every category.

Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Not only were the awards left-leaning in how they were presented but the general sentiment remained as such from start to finish. This was mentioned by White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway in her brief comments about the Emmys.

However, it was apparent a lot of the anti-Trump posturing had to do with the ongoing events.

According to those in the audience, it was normal and nothing out of the ordinary. Viewers were left with content that was one-sided and only looking to work along the lines of this anti-Trump rhetoric.

While the importance given to politics was intriguing and might have been noteworthy, it started to get in the way of the awards. Other deserving shows were pushed to the side because they didn’t fit this political theme that was ongoing, according to an estate lawyers.

Winner after winner had some attachment to the political undertones that spread across the awards show.

This meant shows that might have won in any other setting were left to rot away such as The Stranger Things. It was all about focusing on TV shows that maintained that political connection and continued to make a point about the ongoing politics in America.


Yes, Hulu was able to overcome all of the large budgets around it due to this reason.

It was able to make the most of its politicized content and push it to the top while others were left with nothing. While this is an exciting time for the company, it might have more to say about how the Emmys were hosted.

However, the writer of Handmaid’s Tale said this was the beginning of something special, and it was normal for people to talk out about her content. She said it was the same when she first released her book.