How To Describe Trump In One Word: Covfefe

At 12:06 am, The President Of The United States of America tweeted his most dynamic union assembling tweet: “Despite the contact negative press covfefe.”

As the world watched, waited with baited breath and hook, finally six hours later the tweet was deleted and replaced with “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!”

As hilarious and embarrassing as this is, with the recent departure of the head of communications for the White House, and Spicer’s inability to hold a press conference that isn’t a train wreck, this isn’t a good look for Trump who’s approval ratings are at a record low, according to an article in Newsweek.

Although, this might be a clever ploy to throw people off what’s happening with this son-in-law Jared Kushner who is currently being investigated for his involvement with Russia, who may or may not have had some sort of influence over the 2016 election.

What’s your opinion?