Joe Biden Officially Wins 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination; No One Notices, Cares

After a batch of state primaries you probably didn’t hear about yesterday, Joe Biden is now the official winner of the 2020 Democratic nomination for president. But then again, you probably didn’t hear about that either, because Biden is not only one of the least exciting Democratic candidates in history — even compared to Hillary — but we also have bigger fish to fry right now.

You might be thinking “coronavirus” when we say “bigger fish to fry,” and it’s true, COVID-19 is still a fairly big problem in the United States. By the time Election Day comes around, it might be an even bigger problem. Especially when considering how brutal fights over whether or not to open up universal absentee ballots are likely to become. But coronavirus isn’t the fish we’re talking about.

Truth be told, there’s a long list of bigger fish.

First and foremost, unrest. Many have noted that the U.S. has perhaps hit an inflection point during which we’re forced to deal with our institutionalized racial bias against African Americans. But the truth is that few Republicans are rethinking their party’s values when it comes to “black lives mattering” or their rights in general. With a president who is working to divide our country like never before, it’s difficult to see the current unrest or polarization declining in time for Election Day. If anything, it will likely become worse.

And then there’s the distinct possibility that Trump loses the Electoral College by a slim margin. Can you see it happening? We can. Can you see Trump conceding defeat to Joe Biden, who he’s been calling a criminal for the last, well, for as long as we can remember? We cannot.

No matter who wins the presidency in 2020, it seems most likely that the divide between the two major political parties will only grow stronger — and that means more unrest in the early months of 2021, after one president or the other is sworn in during a growing upheaval.