Political Ramifications Of Removing Political Funding From Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has seen considerable air time since the beginning of America’s recently concluded elections.

The topic arose due to the warring opinions between both sides on whether or not the non-profit organization’s motives were appropriate. With political funds being put through the organization, it becomes a hotly debated topic and one that might see a change in how things are done.

Democratic Point of View

Planned Parenthood has seen support from the Democratic side as it emphasizes a woman’s rights over her body. This has led to countless appeals to maintain political funding and ensure the non-profit organization can help those who need it the most.

The political ramifications might be seen through the amount of support provided to this organization. With the funds being removed, it might leave the organization in a poorer state even if it is not currently included in the Federal budget.

It is important to note only 3% of all cases with Planned Parenthood are abortions (key sticking point between both sides) while the remaining 97% include STD checkups and general sexual health cases. The political ramifications could also be seen through other bills that are passed by the Republicans. Those bills will be challenged aggressively by the Democrats, and that is an opinion held by most. If Planned Parenthood becomes a major sticking point and goes down the route of “defunding,” it might lead to consequences in other parts of the legislation.

This is a point that will be heavily debated over the coming days, weeks, and months while both sides try to come up with something that’s less harmful to their cause.

Republican Point of View

The Republican point of view has been clear when it comes to Planned Parenthood.

The funding began under the Democrats while the Republicans have long been against the idea of abortions. This is why they have stated the importance of defunding and removing any backing provided to the organization due to its current actions.

The political ramifications of this move might come through the pressures put on the average person and their sexual health. The organization itself cannot be removed, and it will continue to serve the nation, but the payment will have to be made by the average citizen.

This might put the Republicans in a bad light with their voter base. Donald Trump has attempted to help things along by stating the funding could continue if it doesn’t get used for abortions. This leads to a flimsy situation where the funds have to be tracked, and that might make it a useless exercise as a whole.

The Republican side continues to work on the details and does wish to pursue a solution where it works out well for the political angle being played. Will it work or not is something the eventual decision is going to uncover.

The political ramifications of removing political funding might be something neither side can handle. It is essential to pay attention to what key politicians on both sides are stating because a lot of focus has gone towards Planned Parenthood rather than the external consequences of such a move. Politicians on both sides will be hoping to reduce the fire and make sure things are done appropriately. While a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood has stated this would become a national disaster since 20% of all American women visit Planned Parenthood’s clinics during their lifetime. All of these women would have to pay out of their pocket if political funding was eliminated.