What Did Biden Achieve In His First 100 Days?

President Biden hasn’t exactly stood still during his first 100 days in office. He got off to a running start, eager to show contrast with his predecessor, and has shown no signs of slowing down. But what about Biden’s promises to heal the divides in this country between left and right? Has he gained any ground? …Will he?

The crowning moments of his presidency so far included quick passage of a COVID-19 relief bill and keeping his promises on vaccinating the country. Ending the pandemic is still a huge obstacle, especially when vaccinations are slowing down in many areas of the country due to the hesitancy in deciding whether or not to receive them. It’s very likely that many people will decide to never take the vaccine, especially if they believe that the pandemic will end on its own.

University of Virginia Center for Politics analyst Kyle Kondik said, “Biden was a focused candidate in that regard. He talked about the pandemic a lot, talked about the economy a lot.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s decisions regarding asylum-seeking migrants at the southern border have angered many Democrats and especially progressives who don’t understand why he would so severely limit how many people to let in.

Professor of politics James Thurber at the American University in Washington DC said, “Biden had a clear strategy, theme and message. But it’s not necessarily how a president will be remembered.”

That’s why so many analysts are worried that Democratic majorities will diminish in the 2022 midterm elections, and that Biden’s ability to get anything done will significantly decline or disappear.

Biden has been very successful economically. Unemployment is down, the stock market is booming, and the economy is growing at an impressive five percent to start off the year. If Biden can keep the momentum, he could potentially hold onto power — or even make significant gains — in 2022, which would be disastrous for Republicans, and certainly do nothing to help them acquire power in the future.